Cornerstone Terry has worked in the janitorial/building maintenance industry for more than 3 decades and knows the high demands required to get the job done right. He had Tercan Equipment’s own high quality premium brand “Cornerstone”, of cleaning and floor care products specially formulated  to meet the needs of today’s building maintenance clients.

Check the list below for Cornerstone Premium Cleaning and Floor Care Products

  • Cornerstone “Shortcut” Stripper
  • Cornerstone “Glass Shine” Glass Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “Meadow Breeze”
  • Cornerstone “Husky” Degreaser
  • Cornerstone “Commando” All Purpose Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “Power House” Degreaser
  • Cornerstone “WL-20” Floor Finish
  • Cornerstone “Super Creme” 23% Bowl Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “HD” Carpet Stain Remover
  • Cornerstone “PH Neutral” Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “Rinse-away” Salt Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “Shampow” Carpet Shampoo
  • Cornerstone Carpet Extract
  • Cornerstone Carpet Pre-spray
  • Cornerstone “Superior” Floor Sealer
  • Cornerstone Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Cornerstone “Citra-Solve” All Purpose Cleaner
Cornerstone Cleaning Products